We consider research the main driver of our work.
We look to the future to be ready to satisfy a constantly changing market.


100% wellness

We have zero residues crops to provide our customers with chemical-free products.

We use the most advanced agricultural tools to obtain chemical-free fruits. We use only 100% degradable fertilizers, without leaving residues on plants; we use natural plant protection systems;
we bag the grapes to confine them in an aseptic environment and protected from external attacks.

Our ambitious project looks at agriculture as a continuously evolving system and aims to anticipate market changes.


Seedless table grape for a continuously changing market

We take part to the activities of Grape&Grape Group, one of the most important breeding programs in Italy*.

Our activity is focused on the selection of seedless varieties, three of them are already in a commercial stage: Apulia, Fiammetta and Luisa.

*Italian Grapes 2020 – NCX Drahorad