Operation Impollinator

Increasing the number of pollinating insects means loving your territory and your work
Why are these insects important?
We tell you with these images, straight from our secret mission: #OperationPollinator
Thanks to scientific research and the experiences of selected farmers, we can implement actions that manage and secure nectar- and pollen-rich habitats in key areas.
More than 80% of Europe’s crops depend on these insects, the value of pollinators in the global ecosystem is around 90 billion euros per year.
In recent years we have witnessed a rapid disappearance of these insects due to a decrease in the sites where they feed and reproduce.
Thanks to the tools we have at our disposal for agricultural area preparation, sowing and cyclical management, Operation Pollinator significantly increases pollinating insect populations.
Strengthening economically viable agricultural systems is one of our goals, and if we can do this by providing benefits to butterflies and other insects, we are happy with what nature allows us to experience in our fields.