WWW (Work With WorkAut)

Inside our air conditioning centre there is a sign that reads:
“Attention special operators at work”.
We are not a large goods handling or hazardous work company, but we are a cooperative of producers, engaged in the production of table grapes, stone fruit, pumpkin and Jerusalem artichokes, and together with the collaboration of Work Aut (Lavoro & Autismo) we have managed to achieve a very important objective, social equity.
Our journey began years ago with the collaboration of the trani diocesan caritas for the integration of fragile people with humanitarian residence permits into our work cycles, to improve their living conditions and offer them work and social opportunities. Today this goal is signed by the young people of the Work Aut cooperative together with all of us who are closing a 2021 with a team of workers made up of 10 different nationalities, cultures that mix together and a great desire to work together for a more responsible future.