Feel Good, the table grapes that make you feel good!

Born under the sun of Puglia and Sicily, the new line of table grapes by O.P. Agritalia aims at young people

Born to interpret the lifestyle based on wellness that drives the consumption of fruit and vegetables, the new line of table grapes Feel Good by O.P. Agritalia winks at a young and quality-conscious public. A complete line, which includes different varieties of grapes with and without seeds, ripened under the warm sun of Puglia and Sicily.
Healthy and sustainable, Feel Good table grapes are grown with 4.0 agriculture techniques that allow to optimize and track all agronomic interventions on the plant, ensuring customers maximum transparency and a fruit with high nutritional characteristics.
An attention to quality that continues even at the shelf: about 90% of the product sold in 2020 was packaged in active cardboard packaging that, thanks to the presence of natural oils, allows an improvement in shelf life, with the aim of reducing food waste.
The market response to this first season has been very positive: the feedback obtained rewards the work of a complex year, in which it was necessary to ensure all the team the maximum security against the dangers of the spread of Covid-19 and, at the same time, maintain a high level of productivity.
The projects for the future have the objective of placing side by side the Feel Good line with the Feel Bio organic line, which started to be introduced in the market this year, and the zero residue Feel Zero line, which will offer customers a fruit without any chemical residue.