Op Agritalia, the 2021 corporate welfare plan kicks off: people and environment at the center

Op Agritalia presents the 2021 corporate welfare plan that focuses on corporate sustainability, an ethical environmental program and the generational pact aimed at caring for its staff. To underline this direction also the opening sentence of the last CDA of the organization of Apulian and Sicilian producers that took place on January 11: “To create new opportunities and re-invent oneself there is a need to support talent and ensure a stimulating working climate”.

Already starting in 2019, Soc. Coop. Op Agritalia has carried out actions in order to foster a development of social-work inclusion and flexible hours opportunities. Thus, during the health emergency was consolidated, even more, the idea of supporting all employees from the point of view of health care against Covid-19 and encourage the use of smart-working.

For 2021, the main objective is therefore to increase the model of corporate sustainability, reducing air pollution to zero. In order to achieve this, in addition to the large classic air extraction, filtering and ventilation systems, this year, inside all the areas of the air conditioning center, combined ozone and UV-C sanitization systems will be installed, allowing a reduction of the bacterial load. Thus, the process of diversification of the environment in the camps, i.e., biodiversity and environmental protection, will be realized. In these, you will have the opportunity to stop among some of the oldest species of the Mediterranean area both of trees and wild shrubs that will act as shelters for animals and insects, thus restoring the micro-environment.

Last but not least the initiative in favor of the generational pact, aimed at fostering the insertion of new human resources both in the administration and in the operational departments, allowing them to develop soft skills and hard skills. The initiative is beneficial for both junior and senior profiles, as the former will be able to learn from experts in the field, and the latter will have the opportunity to “see” innovation from the point of view of the younger generation. This year, as in previous years, the organization of Apulian producers thus chooses to focus on people, the environment and health.