A seedling of Aloe vera in favor of Neurodiversity

A new project in favor of Neurodiversity is born in Puglia. The important initiative of Op Agritalia and Coop. Work-Aut in favor of social and labor inclusion.

Op Agritalia in its corporate welfare plan 2021 makes clear the objective of increasing its social responsibility in the territory and bring closer social and work inclusion for people who have the right, but not always guaranteed, to equal opportunities.

The project “An Aloe Vera for Neurodiversity” is developed through days dedicated to the packaging of Aloe Vera seedlings in cardboard packaging that will be distributed through the network of Despar Centro Sud and an internal network of the association “Families Together Parents in Support of Neurodiversity”. 
The decision to promote aloe vera seedlings was an idea developed together with the president of the cooperative Work Aut, Stefania Grimaldi, who tells us: “We chose aloe because it represents the essence of this project, that is, a plant with thorns but with a content of multiple benefits.

So the boys of WorkAut in the plant of Op Agritalia with masks, gowns, gloves and specialized tutors, have engaged in a project that means to enhance their skills and qualities. Among them we find graduates, with skills and CV in hand, ready to give evidence that they can and must contribute in the work activities. The proceeds of the sales will be completely donated for the compensation of the activities done by the guys.
The goal is to create a calendar of initiatives involving those who believe in similar values and projects.